Vegan ice cream wars

It is part of my genetic make-up as a fat, gay vegan to be obsessed with ice cream.

Swedish Glace and Worthenshaws Freedom

Dairy free desserts are becoming increasingly easy to locate with most major supermarkets stocking at least one or two brands of vegan ice cream for the discerning, sweet-toothed vegan to purchase. I have become quite the non-dairy connoisseur during the last few years and have enjoyed scandalous affairs with various ice cream brands from all around the globe. Tofutti from the USA is a reliable friend and never lets me down. Coco Luscious is crafted in Australia and is too good to be true. I often dream of the decadent Booja Booja from the UK and its rich, chocolatey delights. This short list of favourites is just the tip of the vegan ice cream iceberg.

You get the picture, right? I am a self-proclaimed vegan ice cream know-it-all. I recently put this expertise to the test by comparing two brands available here in the UK.

First up was a chocolate frozen dessert made by Worthenshaws Freedom. This dessert was developed by Kirsty Henshaw in response to her son’s dairy intolerance and nut allergy. I certainly wasn’t blown away by this product. I found it to be a tad on the icy side with the chocolate flavour lacking somewhat. The company also makes strawberry and vanilla flavours, so I could be a return customer yet.

Next up was the fabulous, creamy delight known as Smooth Vanilla made by Swedish Glace. The texture, consistency and flavour of this vanilla dessert is outstanding. The manufacturers have mastered the art of creating a non-dairy ice cream that is fluffy, sweet and rich. The company also produces a stunning neapolitan ice cream that can’t be resisted.

That brings this chapter of the vegan ice cream wars to a close. Swedish Glace emerged the victor. Get in touch if you agree, disagree or know of any ice creams brands I should be eating.

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13 Responses to Vegan ice cream wars

  1. I make my own vegan ice cream! It’s pretty easy using coconut milk, but you need an ice cream maker. Yum yum yum. 🙂

  2. whiterobot says:

    I currently have Swedish Glaze with Blueberry flavour in my freezer and I just can’t get enough of it! It’s so bloody delicious…

    And another thing worth mentioning: Swedish Glaze is also pretty moderately prized. I pay about 3,25£ for 750ml, while Booja Booja, which is indeed incredibly delicious, costs about 5-6£ for a smaller amount.

    Why is vegan food always so expensive anyway? If you want to eat cruelty-free, you always seem to fall victim to capitalist exploitation! *shakes fist at them evil capitalists* Do I smeel a conspiracy here? Ok, maybe I’m just paranoid^^

  3. Do you have Coconut Bliss in the UK? It’s unbelievably creamy and rich. The dark chocolate is my favorite but they have several flavors. Really enjoying your blog!

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  5. Jen says:

    I agree! I had some worthenshaws last week, the strawberry flavour. It was so strange! It tasted really fake, like I remember nesquick tasting, and the texture was a weird sorbet/icecream hybrid. Odd. And then this week I had swedish glace raspberry flavour. Have you had the raspberry? SO GOOD.

    By the way, your blog is awesome. Keep it up. :o)

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  7. Swami says:

    “Coco Luscious is crafted in Australia and is too good to be true.”

    Wow – thanks!! I’m the creator of this and loved reading this! 🙂

    When did you try it, and what flavour(s)?



    • fatgayvegan says:

      Hi Swami. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      I haven’t had your delicious creations since I moved to the UK late last year. The first time I tried was in Tian Ran, the vegan restaurant at Broadbeach. I also bought a tub from Mrs. Flannery’s in Taringa and possibly also a tub from The Green Edge in Enoggera. I have enjoyed the chocolate, vanilla and coconut. They were superb.

      It would be fantastic to try your other flavours, however I am now stuck on the other side of the planet for the long term.

      All the best with your gorgeous ice creams.

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