We all scream for vegan ice cream wars

The vegan ice cream wars detailed throughout my blog have been pleasing a lot of readers and keeping me on the plump side of hefty.

Juicy Raspberry by Swedish Glace

This latest edition to the ranks is set to keep the trend alive. Juicy Raspberry is one of the premium flavours produced by vegan ice cream manufacturer Swedish Glace. The texture is fluffy and creamy while the juicy in its name is well justified. Huge deposits of sweet raspberry flavouring are scattered throughout the tub. This variety is a fine addition to the Swedish Glace family and it enjoys a well-deserved place within my wide range of food addictions.


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3 Responses to We all scream for vegan ice cream wars

  1. claire says:

    Oh my god!
    This ice cream is amazing!
    And they are so cheap!
    Have you tried the blueberry too?
    So good!!!

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