You’ve got the hips for it

A fat, gay vegan needs to put in the hard yards in order to be worthy of the name and sugar is one of my top secrets when it comes to keeping my voluptuous figure.

Sweet Vegan strawberry marshmallows

Marshmallows are a fabulous foodstuff full of sugar turned fluffy. On the very rare occasion I see vegan marshmallows for sale, I like to stock up. There isn’t an abundance of cruelty-free marshmallow manufacturers in the world as it is a product traditionally associated with crushed bone. A few years ago I enjoyed a salacious affair with the glorious products of Sweet and Sara, but since then I have been in a marshmallow wilderness. Thankfully, Sweet Vegan has now come into my life.

A box of vegan marshmallows by Sweet Vegan

Sweet Vegan are based in Nottinghamshire in the UK and are steadily spreading their sweet treats around the land. I recently devoured a box of strawberry marshmallows within a ridiculously short period of time and now my future plans consist of getting my chubby fingers on their chocolate variety as soon as possible.

Check out Sweet Vegan. My hips highly recommend you do it.

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Fat. Gay. Vegan. Vegan everything including events, beer, food, PR and travel.
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5 Responses to You’ve got the hips for it

  1. I’m not a marshmallow fan, never have been, don’t know why. I only like them on stick by a campfire. Nevertheless, you make me laugh!

  2. Abby Bean says:

    How can your love affair with Sweet & Sara have been fleeting? They don’t make one product I don’t like. Order yourself one of everything!

  3. jerry says:

    I love that blog really enjoying thanking for sharing……

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