I’m out of this world and I’m never comin’ back

Have you got a favourite retail outlet when it comes to vegan groceries? Somewhere that never lets you down and always ensures your basket is well-stocked? Me too.

Out Of This World health foods in Leeds

Out Of This World is a small, comprehensive grocery store located in Leeds city centre. This ethically-minded outlet dedicates shelf upon shelf to products free of non-human animals as well as vegetarian specialties and organic, fair trade goods. If you want a few slices of pig-free bacon or a couple of vegan cupcakes to see you through a chilly northern afternoon, Out Of This World is the place to shop. You can snap up vitamins, shampoo, vegan fudge, cider, organic wine and so much more.

On entering the store, shoppers are greeted by a large deli case stocked with vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, slices, pizza and sweets. The amount of chocolate fudge I have consumed from in here is scandalous. Fridges and freezers are brimming with FGV favourites such as Redwood, Booja Booja, Swedish Glace, Tofutti, Fry’s Vegetarian and Whole Earth soda. If I listed every vegan product on show, you would be here for hours taking it all in. Let’s just say vegans are extremely well catered for.

Groceries from Out Of This World

The contents of my latest basketful of vegan goodies from Out Of This World are listed here for your viewing pleasure. Please don’t drool on your keyboard. I walked out carrying Whole Earth maple frosted organic flakes, Pompompous Maple Pecan ice cream by Booja Booja, strawberry marshmallows by Sweet Vegan, Provamel vegan nuggets, Redwood Celebration Roast, Sunita lime juice, Wheaty country style sausages and a jar of Clearspring organic barley miso paste. Phew! I carried all of that?

Out Of This World is simply one of the best retail locations for UK vegans. My overstuffed FGV shopping basket speaks for itself.

20 New Market Street
Leeds LS1 6DG

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9 Responses to I’m out of this world and I’m never comin’ back

  1. Hector says:

    Hi 🙂 Well i just get across with your blog and i read that you are fomr the UK and i thought you might help me with this…
    I’m going to Europe next summer and I’ll stay a month in France so I just want to know like vegan restaurants, which are the cheap ones? or what would you recommend me to eat like cheap and vegan of course 🙂
    Well thank you for your time 🙂
    Saludos de Mexico 🙂

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  3. Hector says:

    Wouh! you speak spanish! 🙂 i also would be in amsterdam, germany, and maybe in austria 😐 i would try to some research but maybe you may know like little restaurants that may not appear online or something
    Me llamo Héctor, mucho gusto 🙂

  4. Silky Sienna says:

    I understand the passion/weakness for vegan fudge- just finished off my last piece from my last batch tonight. This one was hazlenut! I used hazelnut milk and crushed hazelnuts on top…wow. I only do vegan recipes because I go dairy free, so, ya know, that’s inherent. How long does your fudge purchase last (I mean, if you dont inhale it all!) once you buy it and bring it home? And do you keep yours in the fridge? Mine dries out if not sealed well. It really is SOOOOooo simple and enjoyable to make. I’ll have to post another recipe. Love your blog pics- takes me there. A new location, planet earth.

    • fatgayvegan says:

      Hey Silky Sienna. Unfortunately I can give no insight into how long fudge remains fresh. I always eat it all before I am more than a few blocks away from the store. I did notice however staff at the end of the day placing the leftover stock in an airtight container. Would love to see a recipe for vegan chocolate fudge.

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