Beer is for winners

Cider has been creeping up my list of loved libations lately, but it is true my heart belongs to beer.

I am often searching high and low to feed my desire for new, vegan beer that has yet to pass my lips. If you see a frenzied, chubby guy frantically picking up beer bottles and putting them down again, don’t be startled. It is probably just your friendly, neighbourhood FGV looking for a vegan certification symbol. It was during one of these recent expeditions at As Nature Intended in Ealing that I discovered two new beers to add to my drinking repertoire.

Daas Blond vegan beer

Daas Blond is a delightful Belgian beer that goes down a real treat. I found it to be incredibly fresh and almost crisp. The ingredients are simple, straightforward and clearly stated on the label. Water, malted barley, hops and yeast merge to make a world class, organic beer.

Daas has even more good news for people wanting a cruelty-free drink. The entire range of beers by this company is vegan. In addition to the Blond, beer enthusiasts can enjoy the Ambré and Witte varieties. And the good news doesn’t end there. The Daas website features an online shop allowing you to place an order for the good stuff from wherever you choose.

Freedom Organic Lager

The next beer to fall foul of my FGV charms was the delicious Freedom Organic Lager. OK, so it’s a lager and not a beer. I hope my generalisation doesn’t offend purists. I’m sure we can all get along. Anyway, it is the real ale drinkers we need to be wary of. Beer sensitivities aside, Freedom have crafted a smooth drink from organic hops and malt. My only complaint is that I only bought one for testing. It was so enjoyable, I could have worked my way through a few more.

Just like our friends at Daas, Freedom have a range of beers suitable for vegans. Choose from the aforementioned Organic Lager, Four, Pilsner, Organic Dark Lager and Stout.

Put Daas and Freedom beers on your next shopping list. Certified by the Soil Association UK and suitable for vegan diets, these brands are truly market leaders in the production of quality drinks with an ethical angle.


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