Summer is almost upon us here in the UK but you’d be forgiven for thinking it had passed us by without saying hello. There are dark, ominous clouds filling the western sky as I type from under my blanket. I feel there is only one thing that can bring the warmth and brightness back into my dull world. Cider.

I am a huge fan of Brothers cider. Their vegan range is an impressive collection of tasty drinks housed in bottles and cans. I have written about their strawberry, toffee apple and pear flavours previously and am always on the lookout for their other varieties.

Tutti frutti by Brothers

During a recent stroll through a convenience store/deli in central London, I stumbled across the tutti frutti flavour of Brothers. After allowing the drinks just long enough to chill to perfection in my fridge, I poured a tall glass of the sweet liquid and kicked back on the balcony.

It was a perfect situation. All I was missing was some prolonged sunshine and warmth. I suppose we can’t have everything, right?

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