Crisp alert

The approach of summer really isn’t amounting to much here in the UK. The warm days are few and far between while the rain has been visiting more than usual. We are in dire need of a morale boost in these grey times and Tyrrells just might be the folk to dish it out.

English Summer Barbecue by Tyrrells

Vegan crisps certainly bolster my spirits against inclement weather so I am feeling rather chirpy after discovering a new potato delight. Snack gurus Tyrrells have unleashed a limited edition crisp in an attempt to tempt the summer sun out of its slumber. The evocatively-named English Summer Barbecue crisps are an explosion of potato, paprika, ground spice, yeast and sea salt.

Josh and I shared a small packet that was painfully and evenly split between us. Neither of us wanted to miss out on our chance to savour the flavours. They are delicious.

Pick up a packet today and if you spy a large bag anywhere, let me know. I’ve had a taste of barbecue goodness and I want more.

English Summer Barbecue crisp

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4 Responses to Crisp alert

  1. ooh, how lovely, now we English have to create ‘summer’ in a tiny bag….it is quite abt and reminiscent of days of summer gone by. Full of air and gone in a flash…BUT..YUM, going to try these. Hey, have you tried Hale & Hearty Cassava chips? They are crisp heaven.

  2. It is very hard to find bbq chips for vegans, even here in the states. Congratulations!

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