London Vegan Potluck 4 review

The London Vegan Potluck is becoming something of a phenomenon. On the first Wednesday of each month, London food enthusiasts are coming together en masse to create one of the best vegan social events in the UK.

This FGV is incredibly proud that what started as a simple idea has blossomed into a thriving monthly night. I am even prouder to know the event this month was just as big a success as the first three potlucks even though I was busy eating the vegan treats of Barcelona and couldn’t be there.

Kip of the fabulous, must-read The Messy Vegetarian Cook blog has kindly written a review of the potluck. Much love and thanks for doing this in my absence, Kip. In addition, devoted potluck attendees Linda and Andrea helped run the evening with Andrea managing to capture a few images of the mouth-watering food on offer. Thank you!

I’m sorry to have missed this event, but nothing will keep the FGV from the next potluck scheduled for September 7. Take it away, Kip!

London’s fourth monthly Vegan Potluck at Ms Cupcake was, no surprise, another success. Sponsored by Vx, the city’s vegan boutique, their donations allowed attendees to sample one of Europe’s best faux-meat products: Wheaty.

Creative as they are, the Ms Cupcake crew whipped up a green curry using smoked Wheaty chunks and corn dogs using the sausages (much to the delight of those of us who come from North America). Thai food and deep fried are obviously two of the most important food groups.

Coincidentally quite a few South East Asian dishes showed up, complementing the curry. My contribution was a lemongrass and sesame stuffed tofu dish, which sat alongside a Thai vegetable stew. The mango ceviche on the table also integrated well into the theme.

Other contributions included millet and vegetable risotto, a super tasty salad with sweetcorn, peas, and pine nuts, a Mexican casserole, potato salad, and mini gluten free pizzas. The dessert table was also packed, piled with fresh fruits and baked goods alike. Doughnuts, some of the best brownies I’ve ever tasted, chocolate sandwich cookies, and raw apple pie were just a few of the treats on offer. I will forever love the person who brought the chocolate bread pudding.

Don’t forget to save the date for the next potluck, which takes place on September 7th from 6-8pm. You won’t be disappointed. Promise.

A big thanks to those who came along to the event to share your edible creations, and extra love to Ms Cupcake and crew for providing the space.

Corn dogs made with Wheaty

Green curry with Wheaty chunks

Vegan cake

Mango ceviche

Mexican casserole

Thai stew

Pudding & soy custard

Gluten-free & vegan mini pizzas

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9 Responses to London Vegan Potluck 4 review

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  2. Linda Galvin says:

    Hi Sean
    Myself and Andrea were happy to help run the evening in your absence.
    We all had a great time sampling the wonderful dishes and enjoying the company
    but i’m sure i speak for everyone when i say that yourself and Josh were much missed.
    We look forward to having you back for the next one in September.

  3. quarrygirl says:

    i want those corn dogs SO BAD!!!! i’m coming to london for 2 weeks in december….i think i’m gonna spend a lot of time at ms cupcake’s!

  4. Claudz says:

    The raw apple pie was one of the best things I have ever tasted. Kips tofu was amazing, and the G-F pizza – yum!

  5. Claudz says:

    Thanks Heather. I can’t wait to make it. 🙂

  6. Mrs Skulls, they were soooo good. I have to stop in when I am in town. I will prob eat 10 in one go. Yummy 🙂

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