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Another post from Barcelona and with only a week remaining in this gorgeous city, I had better get a move on if I want to feature all of the vegan food I have been experiencing. There are just so many options for vegans and the two cruelty-free grocery stores are perfect places to start. That’s right… Barcelona has two completely vegan grocery stores!

The first of these stores I want to talk about is Veganoteca. Located a short walk from the bustling tourist area of La Rambla, Veganoteca is a small piece of retail heaven for vegans.

Located on a narrow street, the store front is unassuming with a single door and window nestled below the simple signage. The uncomplicated theme continues inside with wall to wall shelves stacked full of some of the finest vegan food products on the market. A large refrigerator houses delicious meat alternatives including Wheaty, Taifun and Sheese. Freezers do their job well by keeping cool a large range of vegan ice creams and there are even cakes on offer within the case near the register.

Veganoteca in Barcelona

Inside the store

All the way from Australia... Sweet William!

Vegan ice cream heaven

Fry's Vegetarian in the freezer

All the Wheaty you could want

It was a lovely surprise to see my favourite vegan chocolate from Australia on sale in the store. Sweet William make a stunning white chocolate block, maybe the best I have ever eaten. I was shocked to find it in Barcelona. Likewise, Veganoteca has an impressive selection of the Fry’s Vegetarian frozen range.

If you live in Barcelona or are just passing through, Veganoteca is definitely a place where you will want to drop a few Euros and gain a few pounds.

Veganoteca, Carrer Valdonzella, 60, Barcelona 08001

The nearest Metro stations are Universitat and Sant Antoni.

Visit the Veganoteca website.

Follow Veganoteca on Twitter.

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3 Responses to What’s in store

  1. quarrygirl says:

    ooooh look at all that fry’s! i’m seriously dying to visit barcelona.

  2. Amie Wright says:


    What’s the second vegan grocery store?! Going to Barcelona soon, can’t wait!! 🙂 x


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