Nothing can stop the vegan ice cream wars

Vegan ice cream is taking over my FGV life. It is everywhere and becoming easier to find. The days of having to wait until my Californian vacations to get my chubby paws on some of the good stuff are long gone. Europe is swimming in the stuff and the current champion of the vegan ice pool over here is Swedish Glace.

Their frozen sweets are delicious and I have often sung their praises. Well, strap yourself in as I am about to take you on another journey featuring a Swedish Glace delight of delicious proportions. I’m talking about the waffle cone Peak Cornet.

This stunning piece of ice cream perfection is divine. I was swept away by the creamy vanilla ice cream riddled with a strawberry swirl and crunchy pieces. Unlike other vegan waffle cones, the Peak cone stays hard and chewy right through until you get to the choc-filled tip.

The Peak is miles above other vegan cones and I am excited that it is being rolled out across Europe alongside the equally-stunning Pearl on a stick. Get into your local vegan-friendly grocer and demand a box of Swedish Glace goodies now.

Swedish Glace Peak Cornet

Vegan ice cream glory


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7 Responses to Nothing can stop the vegan ice cream wars

  1. quarrygirl says:

    ooooh, that looks so good! what’s your favorite vegan ice cream in LA? scoops?

  2. 300hikes says:

    I want that, and I want it NOW. My favorite vegan ice cream is Coconut Bliss, but as far as I know they don’t make a coned variety.

  3. Razzle Dazzle Ices are dairy-free and based in Taunton…
    i’ve yet to sample them.

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