Mega vegan food super photo post

Gopal vegan deli in Barcelona

If you want to go to vegan food heaven, get your backside to Barcelona and walk straight into a fantastic vegan deli known as Gopal. I proclaim this to be the finest vegan food in the entire city and I might even be bold enough to declare it in my top 5 restaurants in the world.

This post is very thin on words because I want the photos to do the talking. It was also important to me to get this up in the same week that Gopal announced their expansion. Madrid is very shortly and very fortunately going to be exposed to the Gopal goodness.

But enough from me and my FGV mouth. Let’s head on inside the deli to drool over some of the food I’ve consumed during my stay in Barcelona.

Apple & chocolate biscuit

The best toasted sandwiches/burgers in Europe. Seriously mouthwatering. Here are two 'chicken' burgers stuffed with salad.

Delicious spinach/tofu empanadillas

Fresh carrot & orange juice

Stunning burger and salad combo

Vegan paella next to stuffed peppers

Crispy pakoras

Sensational patatas bravas with a sauce to kill for - so delectable

Cute & tasty pizza bites

Delicious toasted sandwiches featuring sausages & vegan bacon

Gopal have a daily set menu meal that is extraordinary value - everything in this photo for just under 6 Euros

Spaghetti bolognese with spinach/tofu balls

Tabouleh with seitan skewer

Gopal stock the amazing desserts of world-class vegan bakery Lujuria Vegana - these cakes are peerless creations

My purchase from the Lujuria Vegana selection - I can't find the words to adequately describe these vegan desserts

Oh my. As I look back over my Gopal purchases of the last few weeks, my brain is furiously plotting my next visit to Barcelona. The food is the kind of cuisine that would make you want to relocate just to be near it.

To add to the awesomeness of the deli, they even sell bulk quantities of Tofutti vegan cheese, Fry’s slicing sausages, Redwood products and bottled juices. It is phenomenal.

Get to Barcelona. Get to Gopal. Get ready, Madrid!

Gopal, Carrer de Escudellers 42, Plaza George Orwell, Barcelona, Spain, 08002

Nearest Metro station is Jaume I 

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9 Responses to Mega vegan food super photo post

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  2. Oh my giddy! FGV..are you serious…these dishes are all from ONE place?! Did you actually get any sight seeing done (not that this isn’t sight seeing). Honestly, I scrolled up an down the pictures at least 8 times!

    Thanks for sharing..are you going to attempt to recreate any of these back in FGV HQ?

  3. WoW!!! The food looks amazing & I bet it was fantastic… I’ve already heard that the London is a very vegan friendly city and one day I will find out myself 🙂
    Can’t wait to see more of the UK’s veg. food pictures !

    Green Gladiatrix

  4. Anna says:

    The gazpacho soup was particularly delicious, and the cakes were DIVINE. Lemon meringue pie…..yum! They also do illy coffee with soya milk which was worth having!

    • Josh says:

      Everything I’ve ever had from there has been good. Today I had some sort of coffee cheesecake/tart which was so rich and delicious. They’re opening another branch in Madrid but I wish they would open one in London!!

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  7. claire says:

    Damn you!
    Your blog always makes me hungry!!

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