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London Vegan Drinks review: September 2011

Last night was one for the history books as London Vegan Drinks steamrolled into the capital in a major way. The evening was destined to be memorable. Regent Street was packed with bustling shoppers, workers and tourists as I made … Continue reading

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Sweet and spicy

One of the things I adore about living in London is the vast array of food readily available. The city is such a remarkable melting pot of cultures and this is reflected in the styles of cuisine on offer. Vegans … Continue reading

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Alma matters

As I am busy preparing for London Vegan Drinks (that is, harassing people via email and Twitter), Josh has kindly stepped in to keep you informed of vegan eats and drinks in the town of Oxford. Take it away, Josh.

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Tears flowing in full force tonight

I’m putting my usual smart-talking sass mouth to rest tonight due to a severely heavy heart. I am profoundly saddened to announce the passing of my beloved friend of 13 years… Wallace. Wallace was recently diagnosed with cancer and had … Continue reading

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I had to think for a while prior to writing this entry. How should I tackle the subject matter at hand? The product I am reviewing is not so unusual in itself but the name is extremely unique and conjures … Continue reading

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Have you tried Wheaty?

In an ever-increasing market of vegan meats, there are a few definite standouts that always manage to find their way into my FGV basket. Redwood produce stunning rashers, roasts and sausages. Fry’s Vegetarian sell fabulous schnitzels, nuggets and strips. Rest … Continue reading

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London Animal Charities Fair

I have ceased overeating for a few moments in order to tell you about an exciting event coming up on the London animal welfare calendar. London Animal Charities Fair is sweeping into Kings Cross on Sunday November 6, 2011 between … Continue reading

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You’re hiding, underneath the smoke in the room

During a recent trip to Portland to attend Vida Vegan Con 2011, I was overwhelmed by vegan food choices. Every restaurant appeared to cater thoughtfully to my type, no matter if they were a veggie establishment or not. The picturesque … Continue reading

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London Vegan Potluck 5 review

If you missed out on September’s London Vegan Potluck 5, you are just going to have to take me on my FGV word… it was a fantastic event. Seriously. There were well over 50 potluckers in attendance and many more … Continue reading

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Call me up whenever u want 2 grind

As a frequent traveler, I often rely on coffee shops for beverages, restrooms and internet access. Coffee shops can be your lifeline to friends, a much-needed hiding spot from the world outside or even just a place to replenish your … Continue reading

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