London Vegan Drinks review: September 2011

Last night was one for the history books as London Vegan Drinks steamrolled into the capital in a major way.

London Vegan Drinks

The evening was destined to be memorable. Regent Street was packed with bustling shoppers, workers and tourists as I made my way to Tibits. I was delighted to be out on a hot, London night anyway but the London Vegan Drinks attendees and Tibits staff quickly turned the outing into one of my favourite nights in recent memory.

The gorgeous, downstairs room housing the event started to warm up just after 6pm as the first drinkers wandered in. I didn’t have to wait too long before I was surrounded by a staggering amount of vegans and their friends. The capacity of the space was well-tested as the drinks flowed. Even through my vegan beer goggles, I managed to work out we had approximately 60 attendees across the evening. Not too shabby for a first event, hey?

The people were so friendly. The vegan drinks including cider, wine and lager from the bar were delicious. The Tibits crew were staggeringly-friendly. The food from the buffet was tasty, affordable and nutritious. I couldn’t have imagined a finer night out in London for vegans.

All of my gratitude is split between the awesome attendees and the Tibits staff. London Vegan Drinks is now a reality because people support it. We deserve a fabulous night like this and I am so very thankful for a progressive establishment that was willing to take a chance on us. Here’s to many more London Vegan Drinks at Tibits. Cheers!

Please visit Tibits on Facebook or Twitter to let them know how much you appreciate their commitment to the event. London Vegan Drinks continues next month, so keep tuned to this blog for details and don’t forget London Vegan Potluck is in a new location next week. See you there!

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9 Responses to London Vegan Drinks review: September 2011

  1. Linda Galvin says:

    Glad the event went well Sean

  2. Sean, you are a star! It was an amazing night. I concur, the people were lovely. I cannot wait for the next one! Thanks. Was good to meet you. x

  3. Looked great! I met my friend for a pre-drinks drink, and ended up having a good chat until well passed when the drinks were over. Whoops! See you Wed though!

  4. Em says:

    Hey theveganronin, shame you didn’t come down – you should have known us vegans would be on a roll and not all disappear at 9.30, the drinks didn’t end til closing time!

    Thanks for arranging a fab night Sean.

  5. Sarah says:

    really want to come to the next one!

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