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No single bite could satisfy

Dairy cows are some of the most abused creatures on the planet and their suffering is unjustifiable. Humans do not require cow milk to live healthy lives and there is absolutely no reason to exploit cows in order to give … Continue reading

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That’s the Philly in I

Even though my trip to Philadelphia was several months ago, I am still sifting through the memories in order to bring some international flavour to this blog. This particular jaunt down memory lane takes us to Essene Market & Cafe … Continue reading

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Vegans helping vegans

This is the kind of blog post I adore writing. There is nothing more satisfying than helping spread news of vegan companies helping organisations dedicated to furthering the well-being of non-human animals. I recently spoke with Lisa of UK-based vegan … Continue reading

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London happy, Leeds sad

This news is simultaneously good and bad. The phenomenal clothing and footwear retailer The Third Estate has announced its final days trading in Leeds city centre and the subsequent move they are making to London. Like I said, happy London … Continue reading

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Follow that unicorn on the road to love

Manchester has a lot of things going for it. From the innumerable musical acts that have risen from the streets to its rich industrial history, Manchester is a place like no other in the north of England that keeps me … Continue reading

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Amazing cheese now in Camden

Remember how I went on and on about Vegusto vegan cheese? You don’t? Surely you recall when I announced it to be amongst the finest in the world. No? Take a quick trip back in time to refresh your memory … Continue reading

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London Vegan Drinks review: October 2011

We did it again. Wow. London Vegan Drinks took place last night in Mayfair and to say it was successful would be an understatement. From the moment people started pouring into tibits, it was evident the night was going to … Continue reading

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