Amazing cheese now in Camden

Remember how I went on and on about Vegusto vegan cheese? You don’t? Surely you recall when I announced it to be amongst the finest in the world. No? Take a quick trip back in time to refresh your memory here and then hold onto your fedora with a faux feather because I have some exciting news for you.

Vegusto UK has been launched which means people all over the country can order one of the world’s finest vegan cheeses from wherever they darn well please. The UK distributors have their store up and running, so you can virtually pop along and place an order for Europe’s leading non-dairy cheese right now.

But you aren’t restricted to simply online vegan cheese shopping in the capital. Check this out.

Vegusto vegan cheese for sale in Camden

If you are in London, why not make a trip to Loving Hut Camden for all your Vegusto needs? Loving Hut now sells a wide range of the delicious vegan cheeses. During my visit tonight I spied the walnut, melting, classic, herb and mildly-aromatic varieties.

While you are in the restaurant picking up your Vegusto, it would be senseless not to dip your toe into the rest of the culinary delights on offer, wouldn’t you agree?

I stayed true to my love of burgers and potato by ordering the ocean burger with chips. I love this meal and struggle every time I am in Loving Hut Camden… I know I should expand my horizons but this burger is just so fantastic. I was also tempted by the crispy nuggets. One word: delightful.

Ocean Burger with chips

Crispy Nuggets at Loving Hut

Loving Hut Camden is giving vegans many reasons to get there as soon as they can including Vegusto cheese, a 100% plant-based menu and a soon-to-be-expanding line of available dishes. I wish I lived next door.

Extra note: The buffet is no longer pay what you like, but rather a set price of £5.50.

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