Here I go, singing low

Blackbird Pizzeria in South Philly

Let’s keep this short and sweet. Do you want to taste astonishingly-good vegan pizza? Yes? Then get your bag of bones to Philadelphia and dine on the tasty delights of Blackbird Pizzeria. It will amaze you.

During my trip to the east coast of the USA earlier this year, I was keen to pay a visit to a new restaurant that I had been hearing a lot of buzz about. Blackbird Pizzeria opened during 2010 and has been serving up 100% vegan delicacies ever since. The cruelty-free food outlet gives compassionate diners an opportunity to enjoy an impressive range of treats not limited to simply pizza. Enough chit chat… wanna see what I consumed? Let’s do this.

It is actually scientifically impossible for a FGV to see pizza called ‘nacho’ and not buy it. It is my genetic duty to consume it on sight. The Blackbird nacho pizza is the stuff of dreams. The creators of this slice must have known they were onto something when they combined caramelised onion, peppers, Daiya cheese and avocado.

Nacho-flavoured vegan pizza

The nacho pizza was divine and the perfect warm up for the rest of my eating schedule. I moved proceedings happily along with a slice of veggie supreme. Black olives, artichokes, peppers, mushrooms, onions and Daiya cheese make a near-perfect pizza topping combination. Who knew?! Blackbird sell by the slice as well as entire pizzas, making it easy to get a little bit of everything on your plate.

Of course I didn’t stop with pizza. The seitan cheesesteak was greatly appreciated. A gorgeous roll was stuffed with sliced Uptons seitan, onions, mushrooms, grilled peppers and Daiya.

Veggie supreme pizza

Vegan cheesesteak

I must admit the sandwich pushed me over the edge. Sadly, I had no space left for the yukon potato pizza, the hand cut fries or the garlic bread. How fortuitous that I have recently booked another vacation that incorporates Philadelphia… and they say there is no such thing as coincidence!

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1 Response to Here I go, singing low

  1. Kat Love says:

    But Philadelphia is so faaaaaaaaaaar from Greece! Boohoo!

    Looks great though!

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