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Best vegan restaurant in the world?

Can we talk? I don’t want to sound nasty, but Philadelphia hasn’t been a model city when it comes to healthy or cruelty-free eating. From cheese steaks to hoagies, the city of brotherly love just loves to pile dead animals … Continue reading

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Smores, smores, smores

Marshmallow wrapped in chocolate with a biscuit base. If the above sentence is the key to my FGV heart, my affections well and truly rest in the hands of Sweet & Sara. This confectionery company has been churning out irresistibleĀ  … Continue reading

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Feeding frenzy

It might technically be the middle of winter, but I’m in a summer lovin’ kind of mood. Josh and I just spent four glorious days of sunshine in Florida where we soaked up the goodness of tropical weather. My current … Continue reading

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Not all cheeses are created equal

This is the kind of blog post a lot of people don’t like to read… I am a vegan and I’m about to be less than complimentary about a vegan product made by a vegan company. My years as a … Continue reading

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I light this candle

One of the true joys of traveling for me is experiencing unexpected food delights. Just when I least expect it, something tasty and delectable and intriguing pops up begging to be consumed. I always oblige. It would be impolite not … Continue reading

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Love me tender

There is a vegan food revolution sweeping the world and I’m making sure I have a front row seat. Fry’s Vegetarian have already established themselves as one of the world’s finest vegan food companies in the world. The South African-based, … Continue reading

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Eighth wonder

Would you enjoy shopping for groceries and dining on wholesome food all in the same place? Of course you would. If I mentioned you could also buy tasty vegan slices, cakes and treats from a deli case in the same … Continue reading

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Crunchy curry

If you read this blog with any level of regularity, you will be aware that not all of my food choices are the healthiest available. From beer to flavoured wine cooler and chocolate to deep-fried anything, this fat gay vegan … Continue reading

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Like it ain’t no thang

There have been some fabulous vegan nights out in London during the last few weeks and The Vegan Butcher has dropped by to catch us up. Time for a quick London Vegan Events roundup for the month of December! The … Continue reading

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Vegan popcorn chicken

Have you ever had a dream about something so wondrous, you simply push it to the back of your mind because it would probably never come to fruition? Yeah, me too. One of my long-held food fantasies has been to … Continue reading

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