Crunchy curry

If you read this blog with any level of regularity, you will be aware that not all of my food choices are the healthiest available. From beer to flavoured wine cooler and chocolate to deep-fried anything, this fat gay vegan knows very well how he got his name.

This predisposition for vegan junk food doesn’t always rule my life. Sometimes I shock even myself by opting for the healthy option.

I was recently (s)trolling the aisles of my local health food store when my eyes set upon an interesting sight indeed. As quickly as my chubby, queer fingers could move, I snapped up a container of raw, curried-flavoured kale chips. Oh yes… curried kale chips!

Made by vegan wonder-restaurant Saf, these dehydrated lovelies are coated in savoury yeast, curry and sea salt. It was all I could do not to consume the entire tub in under a minute. They were crunchy, irresistible and packed with intense flavour.

Crunchy kale chips by Saf

You can see the curry

Saf has done a great job with this healthy snack, but they certainly weren’t the first producers of kale chips to catch my attention. Check out my review of the incomparable kale chips made by inSpiral.

People better watch themselves with these healthy, cruelty-free foods. The world certainly doesn’t need a Skinny Gay Vegan blog, does it?

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2 Responses to Crunchy curry

  1. I would personally love a Skinny Gay Vegan blog from you. One of these days…ha ha ha! 🙂

  2. Nina The Heartbeat says:

    Wow ¡thanks a lot for this information!

    I’ve recently seen a vegan documentary where appears Saf Restaurant ( and I’ve just developed some admiration for that place; in addition I’m planning to move to London in 2012 so it is one of the first restaurants I want to visit 🙂


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