Smores, smores, smores

Marshmallow wrapped in chocolate with a biscuit base.

If the above sentence is the key to my FGV heart, my affections well and truly rest in the hands of Sweet & Sara. This confectionery company has been churning out irresistible  snacks for years and are unmatched in the field of vegan marshmallow production. From their entirely-vegan premises in New York City, Sweet & Sara gift the world with chocolate bark, biscotti, macaroons, marshmallows and the world famous smores.

During my recent US vacation, I have taken every Sweet & Sara smores sighting as a sign that I must eat one. My intuition is usually spot on and in this case, foolproof. The smores are chewy and delectable. With their chocolate shell, cookie base and fluffy inside, I can’t think of another compact snack that captures my affections the way this one does. Start picking out your wedding outfits…it is true love.

Smores by Sweet & Sara

Truly irresistible

Beautiful on the inside

The smores are available in many locations across the US. Click here for specific addresses. Buy online from Sweet & Sara directly if you are outside the US.

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7 Responses to Smores, smores, smores

  1. Steven says:

    These are indeed good, and a sensible price in the US.

    When I bought them in the UK however they weren’t….. Too bad there aren’t ones made over here.

  2. Veggiewitch says:

    Lovely post! Glad I found your blog. =0)
    Veggiewitch ♥

  3. Nick says:

    Just to let you know Sweet and Sara Marshmallows are available in the UK from

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  5. The Hill says:

    I’ve only really heard of smores in the context of films, usually to do with campfires.

    So – are they anything like a) teacakes or b) waggonwheels?

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