Or just make pies all day

This January is an exciting time to be in the UK. The days are slowly getting longer, Spring is in the not-too-distant future and Fry’s Vegetarian are unleashing a slew of new vegan products onto the masses.

You probably already saw my posts about the ridiculously-delicious vegan popcorn chicken and the Louisiana tenders, right? Well, put down your faux-chicken appreciation pennants for just a moment as I show you two of the best vegan pies available on the planet.

Pepper steak style vegan pies

Country mushroom pies

If you are a fan of oven baked pastry, you will want to hot-foot it to your local health food provider to pick up a few boxes of these savoury delights. Beanie’s Health Foods are putting in the hard work to ensure these frozen, boxed pies are available up and down the country. The only difficult part of this process for hungry people like me is whether to buy the country mushroom or the pepper steak. My advice would be to buy numerous quantities of both.

Baked in my FGV oven

The pastry is proper pie pastry. A thick, chewy base rounds up to the golden, flaky crust. The mushroom pie is stuffed with creamy filling while the steak pie gives a richer, fuller taste with cruelty-free steak pieces smothered in gravy. Both pies are top tier food items and I’m not sure I could pick a clear winner between the two. At a push (ie gunpoint), I would probably side with the pepper steak-style.

Vegan country mushroom by Fry's

Pepper steak-style vegan pie



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6 Responses to Or just make pies all day

  1. Steven says:

    Look fwd to trying them – any word on whether they’ll be a sensible price or not?

  2. Carol says:

    Oh boy, they both look good! Linda McCartney got a new mushroom and ale pie out too based on a winning recipe submitted for a competition they ran I believe. Just bought some today to try from evil Tesco’s 🙂

  3. quarrygirl says:

    you guys get all the good frozen food in the uk. jealous.

  4. John Pierce says:

    Looks yummy, gonna have to make it ourselves….

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