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Vegan ice cream wars into overdrive

Every now and then something unexpected comes along and changes my life. My existence is peppered with random signposts, events and life-altering moments that have impacted deeply upon me. One such occasion occurred last week as I was innocently trolling … Continue reading

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And a big, bright, healthy smile

Sweetness is my weakness. Well, so are saturated fats and deep-fried foods but a FGV has to keep a special spot in their heart for sugary snacks. My body craves vegan delights such as chocolate and cupcakes…. and who am … Continue reading

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Feel my temperature rising

Are you in the mood to look at delicious, cruelty-free food that is too good to be true? Excellent. You will not be disappointed. Superstar vegan food producer Redwood Wholefood Company are very seldom matched for quality, range and taste. … Continue reading

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I eat eggs

Of all the religious celebrations that I opt out of, Easter seems one of the strangest. Can someone enlighten a FGV with atheistic tendencies? Why do people imagine a giant bunny is hopping around leaving chocolate eggs in nests? As … Continue reading

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