Magical sneaky snack time

As I reported a few months ago, the grocery store chain Co-operative is a market leader in labelling cruelty-free products. What many other high street food retailers are now just doing, Co-operative has been doing well for over a decade.

You can buy all manner of food and household products that are suitable for vegan shoppers within their walls. Even though they are being overtaken by other supermarket giants for vegan food availability, Co-operative will always hold a special place in my heart for their inclusive practice.

And just when I thought I couldn’t be more loved up with the grocery store, I discover delectable frozen onion rings that have taken my life by storm. Check out my new favourite snack coupled with one of the best vegan mayos on the market.

Onion rings with mayonnaise

When the Co-operative brand frozen onion rings are cooked to instruction, there is rarely a hot snack finer. They are crispy, crunchy and delectable. My recent plate was accompanied by Life Free From Egg Free Mayo flavoured in one dish with fresh spring onions and another with chipotle powder.

Life Free From Egg Free Mayo

The Life mayo is a superb condiment. Vegan mayonnaise can be more miss than hit, but this low sodium product is up there with the world’s best including Plamil and Vegenaise

The mix of chipotle chilli powder with the Life mayo was unbeatable. The smoky and spicy flavours perfectly complimented the crispy onion rings. The plate was emptied in record time.

Stroll into a local Co-operative soon and grab yourself a bag. No need to thank me for the tip, just kick back and enjoy as you double-dip them into the mayo.


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9 Responses to Magical sneaky snack time

  1. Carol says:

    I heard they did vegan doughnuts!!! but haven’t been able to find any on my infrequent trips to the Co-op (unfortunately it’s a fair distance away from me) ;-(

  2. Oh yes – the jam donuts at the Co-op are definitely vegan. Good value and very delicious too! Will be trying the onion rings!

  3. Lucy O says:

    Had confirmation from the Co-op that their CUSTARD donuts are also vegan. They are FABBY!

  4. toxicvegan says:

    Onion rings!!! Vegan onion rings?!?!?!?
    Oh my god!

    Custard donuts?!

    My cup overfloweth. And my jeans soon too no doubt!

  5. lizardyoga says:

    I’m not vegan but veggie and we always shop at the Co-op for day-to-day stuff.

  6. monpig says:

    Had CoOp Vegan onion rings Yesterday with Egg free Mayo, Yum Yum Yum. I intend to make a Vegan burger with these. Thank you for posting,

  7. Sadly, I’ve confirmed (by ‘phone) that the Life range has been dropped, due to lack of sales (The manufacturer MHFoods is owned by Dairy Crest, so I’m sure they didn’t put much money into promoting it). See

    You can find vegan mayo alternatives, including a recipe, on Volentia –

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