Yum yum chocolate chip

As a FGV, I am prone to making devilishly-bad food choices. I want cake all the time. Cider and beer are my best friends. There isn’t enough fried potato in the world to satisfy my cravings. I am known for being an overeater and proud of it.

But now and again I make the scary leap into the realm of healthy snacks… and if the good folk of InSpiral Lounge keep doing what they do so well, the leap will happen more regularly than even I could imagine.

I don’t usually opt for a raw snack over something fat-filled, but the delicious cacao and cinnamon dehydrated kale chips by InSpiral have me moving in that direction. These crunchy and sweet delicacies are the stuff of food legend.

Raw cacao & cinnamon kale chips

They somehow manage to tick a lot of boxes. The locally-sourced kale satisfies my savoury desires. The crunchiness makes me have feelings associated with junk food. The coconut palm sugar, cinnamon and vanilla give me my sweet kick. It’s a win-win situation for a chubby, queer plant-eater like me!

InSpiral kale chips

Get on over to InSpiral Lounge to pick up a tub of these beauties as soon as you can. If Camden is a little out of your way, get online to go shopping by visiting their online store. While you are there, check out the rest of the mouthwatering flavours including Wasabi Wheatgrass, Baobab & Onion and my favourite Cheesie Purple Corn.

Damn you, InSpiral. If you keep this delicious, healthy snacks business up my entire FGV schtick could become redundant!

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11 Responses to Yum yum chocolate chip

  1. Veggiewitch says:

    This looks wonderful! ♥

  2. Ha ha ha. Looks awful, but your post made me laugh a lot!

  3. vegankat says:

    OMG! Inspiral has an online store! Goodbye paycheck, hello chocolate truffles!

  4. Jude says:

    I saw these in food for thought in Kingston earlier so other HFS might sell them. I passed on the price though 😦 maybe after pay day!

  5. Love the cheesie purple kale chips. Ultra expensive, but they satisfy my crisp cravings (and for so few calories – not that we’re counting).

  6. Dominik says:

    HAHA – that really made us snigger at inSpiral Headquarters! Sadly my friend we have fiendish ideas for more ingenious snacks – soon you will be seen sweating it out in the gym to kombucha and a raw cookie! Thanks for the link to our website as well – ie peeps realized that we are THE place to buy them for up to 40% less than in the shops we’d make even more people happy! (-;

  7. Eils says:

    whhhyyyy is Raw food soo expensive??????….tis no fair!! 😦

  8. GeySkinnyGoVegam says:

    OMG. Just went there and LOVE it. Incredible raw food and totally not without the normal pretense. I am happy for raw tortes and cheesecakes. Hubby is happy for wine and beer. Yum!!

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