FGV seal of approval

Imagine my delight when I opened my latest copy of The Vegan magazine and discovered my words (and URL) staring back at me from the pages within.

FGV approved

The marvellous manufacturers of the world’s best vegan chocolate have decided in their wisdom to use a Fat Gay Vegan quote in their eye-catching, full page advertisement for the new line of Mini Moos.

I could get used to seeing my name splashed across the printed page!

Check out the new Mini Moos online.

Buy The Vegan magazine here.

About fatgayvegan

Fat. Gay. Vegan. Vegan everything including events, beer, food, PR and travel.
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5 Responses to FGV seal of approval

  1. susandorothy says:

    WHAT!? Now don’t go screwing up and saying that you’re bigger than jesus or anything 😛


    • fatgayvegan says:

      Who’s Jesus? Just kidding… of course I know who that is and of course I am bigger than him. With a waist like mine, there’s no way I would fit into his trousers.

  2. toxicvegan says:

    Oh my that is so exciting! Well done 🙂

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