You can crush us

I’ve met a lot of vegans over the past few weeks.

London Vegan Drinks has turned into a massive event and I am extremely fortunate to encounter new faces every month. My decision to volunteer as a buddy for the London Vegan Campaigns vegan pledge month has afforded me with the opportunity to meet wonderful new (and hopefully lifelong) vegans, while I’ve enjoyed dining and drinking with some of my blog readers who have been visiting London.

As positive as all of these situations have been, I must admit to being a bit shocked by a recurring admission made by some of these newly-acquainted vegans…. they have never been to the Ms. Cupcake vegan bakery in Brixton. Scandalous!

This blog post serves as nothing more than a polite reminder to all my new pals… get your plant-based bellies down to Brixton as soon as possible. If you need further prompting, check out the scrumptious, cruelty free delights I enjoyed during my last visit to the baked goods outlet.

Cranberry & white chocolate cupcakes

Vegan donuts by Ms. Cupcake

Millionaire’s shortbread

Ms. Cupcake will be at the Bristol VegFest this weekend

Visit Ms. Cupcake online

Follow Ms. Cupcake on Twitter

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6 Responses to You can crush us

  1. Veggiewitch says:

    They all look so wonderful!
    …that shortbread is to die for! =0)
    Veggiewitch ♥

  2. Whoa, must get to the airport! Those treats look trip worthy ❤

  3. Mina Candy says:

    How on earth do you make decent vegan soft caramel? I’ve tried and failed so many times!

    Must admit, i’ve never been to Ms. Cupcake, but this is mainly because i am broke and because confectionery and i do not get on!

    Also: i’d heard there was such a thing as London Vegan Drinks, but had no idea it was still going and going so strong. Can anyone attend? (Assuming they’re not going to turn up in a leather jacket with a roast chicken slung over one shoulder, i mean…)

  4. Mina Candy says:

    P.S. … you can bruise us, but you’ll have to answer to! Ooo-ooh! Fat gay vegan!

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