Mairzy doats and dozy doats

I think I might consume too much soy. I’m not one of those soy naysayers who decry it as evil but as a vegan, it is very often my go to food.

Soy (or soya in the UK… I can never get used to that) is in so many of the delicious products I consume. Soy meats, soy cheeses and soy milk are the staples of my eating plan. Now, I’m not a health food specialist or qualified nutritionist but I do understand that all foods should be consumed in moderation.

With that in mind, I have taken to swapping out the soy milk in my breakfast for the occasional splash of oat milk. Provamel have come up with a high quality oat milk that is making my breakfast routine a little more varied.

Provamel oat milk porridge with Sweet Freedom & seeds

The flavour of the oat milk coupled with the oats is unique and perfectly coupled. I am learning to love the warm, oaty combination. Of course I always add a few squirts of my favourite fruit sweetener, Sweet Freedom, as well as a handful of pumpkin seeds. A fat, gay vegan has gotta have his treats!

Looks good, right?!

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