I’m throwing my arms around Oatly

I’m not sure anything could take the place of Silk chocolate soy milk in my FGV heart and tummy, but a new discovery is certainly giving it a run for its money.

It is so good, I have been literally drinking it by the pint.

Oatly vegan chocolate milk

I recently wrote about my new found appreciation for oat milk and this adorable product from Oatly is cementing my affection. It is creamy and light while delivering a delicious, full-flavoured chocolate kick. I could drink it all day.

Interesting side note: I have been admiring Oatly chocolate milk for many months but the container never stated if the product was suitable for vegans. While shopping last week, I noticed the bright blue of the new packaging now features the phrase. My mad dash to get it into my shopping basket scared onlookers.

Has anyone else out there fallen head over heals for this drink? I would love to hear what you think. Better than Silk? Or are there other chocolate milks out there that I should become familiar with?

Visit Oatly online

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7 Responses to I’m throwing my arms around Oatly

  1. Claire Foster says:

    I’m not a fan of cold chocolate milk but Alpro chocolate milk makes amazing hot chocolate. Pour in mug, 2 mins in microwave and good to go. Scrummy!!!

  2. Anna Green says:

    I use plain Oatly everyday to make my porridge/bircher and it’s so creamy I love it! Just as well because I have stacks of the stuff bought wholesale from Suma! Will try this chocolate one though……chocolate porridge?

  3. hastalavegan says:

    I love Oatly and was gutted when I discovered the chocolate milk had D3 (not vegan) in it a year or so ago Great to see that they’ve changed to D2 now. I’ve fallen in love with Kara’s chocolate coconut milk. Very sweet, which I like, but also not too thick. It makes a great chocolatey, milky coffee too and I’m going to try it in a rice pudding soon. Both of these products have wowed my non vegan friends.

    I avoid Alpro as much as possible as it’s owned by the largest dairy company in the world (same company as Silk) and I don’t want them to have my monies!

  4. Kara’s Chocolate Coconut Milk is a must-try…

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