Remind me how much it meant to me hungry

One thing that is awesome about being a self-confessed, overeating vegan is that I get to support a lot of fabulous independent businesses. And believe me when I giddily-proclaim there are few more fabulous than Cookies And Scream of Camden.

Cookies and Scream vegan & gluten-free cookie bar

I had been hearing a few whispers over the past few months about a cool hole-in-the-wall vegan bakery located within the Camden Lock Market. As fun and fantastic as London is, the size of the city often prohibits inhabitants from accessing all the wonderful stuff on offer. This is my excuse for not sniffing out Cookies and Scream sooner. Being busy with work, coupled with the sheer scale of London, has stood in my way of getting over to Camden… but no more.

My recent trip to the cruelty-free cookie bar has made me realise there is no distance too wide when it comes to their scrumptious treats. Check it out…

Vegan & gluten-free cookie sandwiches

Chocolate chip cookies

Delicious gluten-free/vegan donuts

On top of all this deliciousness, Cookies and Scream have taken things into the stratosphere by offering vegan milkshakes! I could be wrong, but they might be the only people in London selling a vegan peanut butter brownie milkshake. Nothing could have held me back.

Get your vegan shake here

Vegan shake machine

Vegan peanut butter brownie shake

Everything on offer at Cookies and Scream is vegan and gluten-free. Everything (I tried) at Cookies and Scream was delicious. Everything at Cookies and Scream makes me wanna get back there as soon as possible. See you there?

Visit Cookies and Scream online

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5 Responses to Remind me how much it meant to me hungry

  1. Playful foodist says:

    Omg, cookies and scream, what a great name! Guess I should visit the UK again some time soon

  2. I really liked Cookies & Scream, I always swing by for something when I’m in North London.

  3. Em says:

    I went there recently with high hopes after reading several good reviews and was very disappointed with the baked goods. (I didn’t try any drinks.)

    The brownie was quite nice but it is the only thing I’d have again. The plum almond blondie was very strange and I found it almost inedible. I normally like very sweet things but I found this sickly sweet, almost inedible. Taste and texture-wise it wasn’t great either – it was like a wet marzipan.

    I also bought a cookie sandwich which I was not Impressed with. I’m a massive fan of the Ms Cupcake cookie sandwiches where the filling is very sweet. Cookie and Scream’s fillings are more of a custard which I didn’t really like but even the cookies themselves were disappointing.

    I won’t rushing back but may try a milkshake or a doughnut if I end up there again..

  4. mannagifts says:

    I made a beeline for this place after making the decision to go vegan and doing some research online. I was really looking for some inspiration, as I’ve always loved cakes and was wondering just what I could do without egg. I’ve tried a few eggless recipes, but haven’t yet found something to LOVE. And then I tried the Cookies & Scream almond and plum blondie. Wow. I absolutely love it. Love the texture and the almond taste is fantastic. Unlike the previous reviewer, I didn’t find it over sweet but just right. It really has given me hope that I may just find that perfect vegan cake recipe eventually. If anyone can point me to a similar recipe ( or knows where I can find it) please share….!

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