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More food in the sky

Following on from the wildly-popular posts about airline food (one by me and one by my friend The Vegan Butcher), I put out an open call for readers to submit their own stories of vegan food served in the air. … Continue reading

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Pop-up Vegan Pizza Party

Pop-up Vegan Pizza Party is set to take London by storm on Saturday September 29, 2012. Be prepared for an evening of delicious dining on mouthwatering pizza, vegan cupcakes by award-winning bakery Ms. Cupcake and socialising in the centre of … Continue reading

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And you’re welcome to my soul

Are you passionate about independent music and the protection of animals? Well, you are going to love this news! Martin Rossiter is a singer/songwriter of the highest calibre and I personally have been a huge fan of his music for more … Continue reading

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Petition time!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN or read on for more details Do you remember when we all joined together as one vegan superpower and got Holland & Barrett to reverse their decision to not stock the Fry’s Vegetarian frozen vegan product range? Well, we … Continue reading

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Rescued by Loving Hut

My recent trip to the gorgeous Mexican city of Xalapa was downright sensational. I enjoyed a long hike through coffee and banana farms, I took in the sights of the glorious Teocelo waterfall and I swam during a torrential tropical … Continue reading

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Vegan airline food: guest post by The Vegan Butcher

Following on from the immense interest shown in my recent post about vegan airline food, I have started to ask people to share their words and pictures about their own experiences. My friend The Vegan Butcher has kindly supplied me … Continue reading

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Keep it kosher

I don’t plan my eating around religious concerns, unless you consider indiscriminate vegan overeating a religion. My food consumption, like all areas of my life, exists outside organised religion. But my food atheism certainly doesn’t prohibit me from benefiting from belief systems … Continue reading

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Falafelito es mi papito

Mexico City is turning up some vegan surprises, that’s for sure. I have purchased chocolate soya milk in grocery stores, enjoyed massive jars of tofu/olive paté and let’s not forget about the wonderful vegan cupcakes made right here in Distrito … Continue reading

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And it spread

TOPAS bring some of the best vegan meat products in the world to my plate with their Wheaty range. The fact they are market-leaders is non-negotiable and I’ve known it for a long time. If you haven’t tasted their Chorizo sausage, you haven’t … Continue reading

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Who am I that I come to be here?

Time for a quick poll. What consumes the attention of a FGV most? Choices for answers: 1. Eating vegan food    2. Traveling    3. Morrissey Well done to the readers who put a circle around all three answers. Let … Continue reading

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