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Plant-based PR

There is big news that I have posted on Facebook and Twitter but have somehow managed to keep from my dear readers here… I am now the proud operator of a new company called fgv/PR.   As far as I … Continue reading

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Vegan airline meal fail – guest post

Continuing with what is becoming a bit of a tradition around these parts, my Twitter pal Tumblebee stopped globetrotting long enough to visit and share a vegan airline food story with us. Follow Tumblebee on Twitter Visit Tumblebee online And of … Continue reading

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Comida prehispanica

Josh is taking the virtual reins for this post by reflecting on a fabulous prehispanic vegan cafe we visited during our trip to Mexico earlier this year.  Sorry to do this to you, but you will be green with jealousy. … Continue reading

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Gimme that Pudology

If you missed out on September’s London Vegan Potluck, I am sorry to say you also missed out on one of the best vegan dessert products to ever be available in the UK. But don’t be too sad… Pudology tubs are spreading across the country … Continue reading

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All that jazz

When was the last time you did something interesting, cultured and worthwhile on a Tuesday night? Watching EastEnders doesn’t count as a legitimate answer. If you are sitting there at a complete loss without an inkling of an idea when the last … Continue reading

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Here kitty, kitty!

Yorkshire has given my life a lot of cool things. This part of the world is often the punchline of jokes thrown around by smug southerners, but I for one have a special affinity with the northern region. My favourite … Continue reading

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MEX-LHR eating

There is nothing more tragic and upsetting than a vacation coming to an end. You know that sinking feeling, right? Having to pack and keep busy on your last day of holidays, with a mammoth flight hanging over your head. … Continue reading

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