All I ask is you remember me

I love a good sausage.

Of course there are a million jokes in the above statement, but I’ve no time for playground humour. I’m too busy stuffing my FGV mouth full of a new savoury delight. Meet the the meat-free Red Onion & Rosemary sausages from Linda McCartney Foods.

Red onion & rosemary vegan sausages

I discovered these special edition sausages in my local Tesco and the time between buying and eating was brief indeed. Josh had just created a lovely serving of baked almond cheese that required eating. We rustled together a mammoth meal featuring salad topped in his vegan creations and accompanied it with the new sausages and some piping hot fries.

The new sausages take a starring role

Like the original Linda McCartney sausages, the new flavour can be a little on the dry side but they do have a wonderful texture that I adore. I have been eating them for years and the addition of rosemary and onion has given an old friend a new lease on life. If they stick around, I will certainly choose the new flavour over the original.

Let’s hope this new vegan product is the start of the company moving toward a completely plant-based line of foods.

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9 Responses to All I ask is you remember me

  1. They sound good; that’s a nice combination of flavours.

  2. Maya Panika says:

    I had no idea Linda McCartney sausages were vegan! Thanks so much for the info.

    • JC says:

      Not all Linda McCartney products are vegan (some of the sausages have cheese in), so check the packaging for “vegan friendly” and you’re good to go!

  3. GeySkinnyGoVegan says:

    Very cool that some of that line is taking the vegan trend.

  4. racheyc says:

    These are the bollocks! The original flavour get discarded in the bottom of the freezer now

  5. urbanvegan says:

    Well I love a good sausage, too! 😉 Too bad they don’t sell this here, but it gives me [another] reason to venture across the pond. I’m past due.

  6. andrew says:

    I like those sausages too. Not so keen on the advert for waitrose Beef mince on the bottom of your page. Can you not get a Vegan sponsor?

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