Calm yourself

I am seriously into the grand, sweeping vegan announcements such as new restaurant openings and scandalous posts about non-vegan food being sold to plant-eaters. It must be the drama that attracts me.

But a FGV needs to decompress now and again. I can’t live my whole life at 10. Sometimes I need to relax and cruise around the 2 or 3 dial. That is why you get a post like this one today. It’s for my mental wellbeing.

As I was shopping a few days ago, I stumbled upon a charming tofu product that had somehow managed to allude my chubby gaze until now. Tofritto by Taifun is tofu packed with vegetables, available in two varieties. I bought both of course, not being able to decide between the capers/bell pepper and the olive/cashew.


Capers/bell pepper

In keeping with my need to write a calm blog post, I will describe this product as tasty and adequate. It was straight down the line with not a lot of frills or unnecessary embellishments. It got the job done.

On the inside

Josh and I made an altogether pleasant vegan mac and cheese featuring the tofu steaks diced. I imagine they would be equally tasty dusted in chipotle powder, charred in a pan and served on a bun with salad and vegan mayo with a side of fries.

Tasty dish featuring Tofritto

I’m off for a rest now. I fear that last mention of a tofu burger has angried up the blood a little.

Visit Taifun online

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