NuGo for it!

I miss the USA for a few reasons.

I miss the constant sunshine and warmth of Southern California. I miss loved ones. I miss my favourite restaurants such as Native Foods, Flore, Vedge and Veggie Grill. I miss Homegrown Smoker. I miss Las Vegas. I miss New York City. I miss the Florida Keys. I miss Sunday afternoon beer busts in gay dive bars. I miss the prevalence of spoken Spanish.

And I desperately miss these products…

NuGo Nutritional Bars

Peanut butter bar

Pretzel bar

I wonder if they miss me?

Visit the vegan NuGo bars online

Follow NuGo on Twitter


About fatgayvegan

Fat. Gay. Vegan. Vegan everything including events, beer, food, PR and travel.
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1 Response to NuGo for it!

  1. monpig says:

    Order them online, go on treat yourself,
    take a bit, then sit back, close your eyes
    and imagine the Americas! x

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