I long to nibble your ears

My love of Moo Free Dairy Free Chocolates is well documented and I jump at any opportunity to sing their praises. The confectionery company are unparalleled when it comes to making a vegan product that tastes like milk chocolate.

I have often proclaimed it the best vegan chocolate in the world, so obviously every new product must be chronicled. It is my FGV duty.

Wanna know what they have up their crafty sleeves for Easter this year? It is an organic Bunny Bar and it is delicious.

The Bunny Bar by Moo Free is perfect. It is just the right size for a snack, it is the same fabulous Moo Free taste we adore and it retails for a lot less the a pound. The recommended shop price is only 69p.

How terrific is that?! Get to a store or order online. Then I suggest starting with the ears…

Moo Free Bunny Bar

Moo Free Bunny Bar

It was made for my hand... & belly!

It was made for my hand… & belly!

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