Buy this bar

Here’s a quick FGV recommendation.

Buy this bar.

Tasty goodness

Tasty goodness

Chocolate topped oats rarely get beaten in the taste and satisfaction stakes and the new Trek cocoa oat flapjack is staying true to this rule. Trek have mastered the perfect mix of chewy and sweet. I’m going to investigate buying these beauties by the box.

Find this product & enjoy!

Find this product & enjoy!

If you need further convincing to part with your money in exchange for a new Trek protein flapjack, be aware their parent company supports the crucial work of Animal Aid. Tasty and ethical. Talk about a winning combination.

Check out the full range of flapjacks online

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2 Responses to Buy this bar

  1. Ah, but have you tried their Cocoa Coconut Trek Bar yet – also choc-topped 🙂

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