Loco for Coco

You don’t find yourself in the position of being a fat, gay vegan without knowing your way around a drop of chocolate or two. I love bars, coated sweets and anything containing vegan chocolate. It’s part of the territory when you are a FGV.

Imagine my delight a few weeks ago when I found myself standing in a cute-as-a-chocolate-button store in Southsea, surrounded by vegan chocolates. I was in heaven!

Coco Chocolate Boutique is a gorgeous specialist store crammed full of decadent, handmade delicacies just minutes from the seafront. Even though they aren’t exclusively vegan, the Coco shelves and cases hold an impressive array of animal-free fare.

Coco Chocolate Boutique of Southsea

Coco Chocolate Boutique of Southsea

There are vegan fondants, cherries oozing in brandy, dark chocolate shards in several flavours, chocolate covered Turkish delight and even solid dark chocolate skulls.

Vegan fondants

Vegan fondants

Brandy cherries dipped in chocolate

Brandy cherries dipped in chocolate

Another vegan shelf

Another vegan shelf

Solid dark chocolate skull

Solid dark chocolate skull… terrible spooky shot

Everything was divine and everything was devoured within minutes of stepping my chubby foot outside their store. Well, everything except my favourite item from my haul. I saved that until I got back to London later that day.

The giant and mouthwatering peanut brittle stick covered in vegan chocolate was legendary. I will be talking of it for years to come. Eating it was equal parts bliss and torture. It was so delicious, I never wanted it to end.

Brittle so big it needed a plate

Brittle so big it needed a plate

If the treats are’t enough to make you want to be there right now, the service is surely the chocolate on the brittle. The family-run business is staffed by some of the nicest people in retail. The owners made us feel welcome by taking their time to show us every single vegan item on offer, as well as letting us sample some fudge being prepared for the Southsea Food Festival. The white chocolate fudge was stunning.

Get down to the Southsea Food Festival this weekend (20th & 21st of July, 2013) to see all of their finest items on show. Or better still, visit Coco Chocolate Boutique as soon as you can to get the entire experience. If you love chocolate as much as I do, you will feel like all your dreams have come true.

Coco Chocolate Boutique,  98 Marmion Street, Southsea, PO5 2BB  PH: 023 9229 5191

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4 Responses to Loco for Coco

  1. Crista says:

    WHAT!!! amazeballs!!! I’m jealous you got to go there.

  2. Pingback: I go ahead and Smile | Fat Gay Vegan

  3. andthisiswhyiwilldiealonesurroundedbycats says:

    This makes me feel so hungry! I used to live in Southsea and I really miss it.

  4. I love stumbling across somewhere with surprising vegan options, I found a very similar chocolate shop in Northampton (American Northampton) and was so excited by the friendly staff and delicious vegan chocolates.

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