Most vegan-friendly location in London

I get asked a lot of questions as a vegan blogger based in London. People want to know where they can get a fry up, which beers are vegan and who sells the biggest range of plant-based products.

I am usually able to assist but there has always been a question  for which I have struggled to determine an answer. People want to know the most vegan-friendly suburb/location/area in the UK capital.

The problem with London is the vast distances you must travel to find vegan food. Catch the Tube to Edgware for one of the best Loving Huts on the planet to understand what I mean. Vegan business are spread far and wide, making it difficult to name the number one spot for plant eaters.

However, there certainly are hotspots popping up around London where a vegan would have no problem eating their fill. Take Brixton, for example.

Following is a collection of vegan food I stumbled across this weekend as I strolled around the iconic London neighbourhood. From make-shift market stalls to one of the most well-known vegan bakeries in the world, Brixton is certainly not short of cruelty-free food options.

The collection below doesn’t even cover everything on offer in Brixton. There is a raw juice bar, a vegan-friendly pizza restaurant, a falafel stall and much more.

Check out the mouthwatering photos and then let me know in the comments your pick for London’s most vegan-friendly neighbourhood!

cake and shake

Oreo milkshake & cotton candy cupcake from Ms. Cupcake vegan bakery


Award winning tomato cheesecake by The Vegan Tart

cherry blossom cake

Cherry blossom cake by The Vegan Tart

cookies cream

Cookies & cream cupcakes by Raffo & Ridgeway

courgette lemon

Courgette & lemon cake by The Vegan Tart


Taste of Ethiopia are always serving vegan options

fib and shake

My mint chocolate milkshake being modelled by Fib at Ms. Cupcake

fig asparagus

Fig & asparagus tart by The Vegan Tart


Rhubarb sandwich cake by The Vegan Tart

summer pie

Summer pie by Raffo & Ridgeway

tomato tartlets

Tomato tartlets by The Vegan Tart


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8 Responses to Most vegan-friendly location in London

  1. Totally get your point here but if we are talking daily access to vegan food (I.e. not just weekly market stalls) then apart from ms cupcake is Brixton that good?

    Not sure where else is better – Camden I suppose?

  2. GalleryCafe says:

    Bethnal Green of course!

  3. ovineroar says:

    Brixton gets my vote and I’m not a cupcakeophile – sorry Ms. C!

    Have you tried Senzala Creperie in Brixton Village? Three fab vegan options, great decor & music and love their home made chilli sauce. Found it by chance a few weekends ago and will def be going back soon – perfect Sunday brunch.

  4. M Vegan says:

    That looks like a wonderful place for some yummy vegan food.

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  6. Toyhid Khan says:

    Raffo & Ridgeway are at Lower Marsh market Tuesday through to Friday. It is sometimes difficult to find tasty vegan optionsnear work and their cupcake and filo pie are a nice treat.

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