Getting hung up all day on smiles

Notting Hill Carnival is bursting into action this weekend but I’m not sure I can deal with the sheer number of people that will be swarming the area. Instead, let me give you an insight into some of the vegan finds within this world-famous district by traveling back in time ever so slightly.

A few weeks ago, I made my first ever visit to Portobello Road and I discovered more than a few vegan highlights.

My first treat was a super sweet watermelon juice served cold from a nondescript stall. The fruit chunks were pulverised before my very eyes and the temperature outside was sweltering, hence no photo due to guzzling.

The photos that have survived are included below.

The vegan churros were served piping hot. I know it is an issue but I adore food lifted straight from scalding oil. I dined on scrumptious falafel and was delighted to see the stall promoting the food as 100% vegan. Josh picked up more falafel plus a cold lemonade from Falafel King and he wants me to pass on his recommendation.

If groceries are needed, the compact Portobello Wholefoods is brimming with vegan products including tofu, plant-based meats, bulk grains and snacks. There is also a vegetarian cafe/bakery called The Grain Shop. I didn’t purchase anything, but a quick peek inside revealed a large number of vegan options.

Verdict? Portobello Road Market is a vegan-friendly utopia waiting for you to show up and eat!

Vegan churros

Vegan churros

Vegan falafel creating

Making vegan falafel wraps

I saw the sign

I saw the sign

Falafel King

Falafel King

Food & drink by Falafel King

Food & drink by Falafel King

Portobello Wholefoods for groceries

Portobello Wholefoods for groceries


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3 Responses to Getting hung up all day on smiles

  1. I’m moving to London in a month, I know this will be one of my first stops!

  2. shardstar says:

    Delicious! Where did you get the vegan churros from? I’ve been to Portobello loads of times and can’t believe I’ve missed these!

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