Return of the vegan ice cream wars

It feels like a very long time since we delved into one of the most popular features on this blog. I am deeply sorry it has taken me this long to get back around to celebrating vegan ice cream. I’ll never leave it so long again.

Two new frozen dessert brands sprung up unexpectedly, but I wouldn’t say I fell in love with both of them. Let’s crack on with a new instalment of the vegan ice cream wars. Ding ding!

First up is a brand of coconut milk frozen desserts that I  first stumbled upon in a health food store in south London. The Zen Zen range is soya free as well as being low G.I. due to the inclusion of Sweet Freedom as a sugar replacement.

The mango mini tub I found was delicious. It was a warm day and in no time at all it turned into the consistency of frozen yoghurt. If I ever see this flavour again, I will definitely snap it up.

Next on my list was a large tub of the Zen Zen maple, pecan and banana flavoured dessert. I picked this one up from Whole Foods Market and I have to say I was taken aback by the price. Cost aside, the flavour was enjoyable but I still wouldn’t choose this over the mango. The range also includes a chocolate variety, which has eluded me thus far.

Mango frozen dessert

Mango frozen dessert

Maple, pecan & banana

Maple, pecan & banana

The other coconut-based brand that recently came into my life sadly didn’t impress me as much.

I was familiar with the Coyo range of coconut yoghurts but had never seen their frozen desserts. Thanks to Whole Foods Market (again), my wallet took another beating when I purchased a large tub of the Coyo vanilla and nutmeg ice cream alternative.

Vanilla & nutmeg

Vanilla & nutmeg

This is a weird one to give an opinion on as my enjoyment swung widely during the time I was consuming it. Sometimes I felt like it was a divine treat and the next spoon would leave a powdery, almost bitter taste on my tongue.

I won’t rule the Coyo out completely, but Zen Zen definitely comes out the victor in this latest round of the vegan ice cream wars.

Bring on the next contenders!

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4 Responses to Return of the vegan ice cream wars

  1. Elle Kay says:

    The one I love the most is the Swedish glace “Vanilla” I found at Sainsburys 🙂

  2. veghotpot says:

    ooh great I’ll definitely be looking out for these! Thanks for the review!

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  4. Maria says:

    I haven’t tried it yet but was pleased to see Snowflake have colour coded labels and sorbettos suitable for vegans are labelled. (Flavours with pink and white labels are vegan.)

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