News you can eat September 2013

What do imitation duck, advent calendars and oversized chocolate bars have in common?

Answer: the FGV monthly news round up.



Loving Hut Camden is no more. On a recent visit, I asked the person behind the counter if rumours of the location’s demise were accurate. The reply affirmed the closure. The server suggested the new owners weren’t seeing the return on their investment that they wanted so the decision was made to close. LH fans still have the Edgware and Archway locations.

Bear snacks

Bear snacks

This company is getting all my congratulations lately. I love their new cereal and I have long adored their granola bites. Now Bear have reshaped their fruit roll ups into cute animal paw prints. Tasty and healthier options never looked better. This company has one of the best design concepts on the market.



I haven’t celebrated Christmas in more than a decade but I still wouldn’t mind getting my chubby, queer fingers on the latest advent calendar by Moo Free Chocolates. Apparently the design has been refreshed since last year. All I know is they still make some of the best sweet stuff on the planet.

Grab a sandwich

Grab a sandwich

Being stuck in London or any major UK town with nothing to eat is no longer a problem for vegans. Sandwich shop chain Pret a Manger has got us covered with their rather tasty vegan Naked Avocado Bloomer. Every time I search for this sandwich, I find it. It is one of their regular items and is clearly marked ‘suitable for vegans’ on the label. I love bread!

Decadent truffles

Decadent truffles

Booja Booja have always been the sophisticated cousin in the world of vegan sweets, but they have taken it to an even fancier level again with these new truffle selection boxes. I tried a gorgeous flavour at a recent food fair and was impressed. Call in a favour and get someone to buy you these delights as a gift.

Nut roast

Nut roast

I’m not sure nut roasts are revered around the world as much as they are here in the UK. They are tasty but they certainly don’t scream excitement. Veggie food manufacturer Thank Goodness have created a ‘luxury’ nut roast that surprisingly tastes like nut roast. I would be happy if somebody served this for dinner but I might not go hunting it down.



Everybody landing on my blog with any regularity knows I love Mexican food and the Cool Chile Co. keep my cravings well and truly at bay here in the UK. The company is celebrating its 20th birthday this week and have recently launched gorgeous new blue corn tortillas. They really are a market leader in this country for Mexican supplies.

Giant chocolate

Giant chocolate

It’s a good thing I like my chocolate and hazelnut bars to be vegan and twice as long as an Oyster card. Get on down to Vx (or online) and pick up one of these glorious, huge chocolate bars. I can’t wait for my next one.

Gillie Foods

Gillie Food

Keep an eye out for this company. Gillie Food is based in Manchester and they manufacture and distribute a wide range of fake meats. I tried their jerky and loved it. I tried their mock duck and adored it. They are currently looking for retailers and wholesalers, so I am hoping it isn’t too long until I can buy this whenever I want.

Bits and pieces:

London Vegan Potluck welcomes vegan cookbook author Vanessa Almeida of Essential Vegan on Wednesday October 2nd, 2013. I am working with Vanessa to promote her book and am pleased to say she will be donating £2 from every copy sold at the Potluck, and via her website, to Animal Equality. See the book here.

A huge vegan fair is set to happen in Liverpool this October. Click here for all the details on LABL Fair Liverpool. It looks fab.

VegfestUK is upon London next weekend (October 5th and 6th). At the time of writing, there are more than 170 vegan stalls booked for the event, as well as a staggering amount of talent and education. Buy tickets here.

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5 Responses to News you can eat September 2013

  1. dropscone says:

    Great round up! Liking the new booja booja boxes, and nice to get an idea of size on that choc-hazelnut bar, I’ve been eyeing those up for a while.

  2. I love the Pret sarnie too. Did you know that Starbucks does a vegan falafel salad lunch box thing too?! Not tried it yet but its usually in-store when I visit for coffee.

  3. Laura Stevens says:

    Pret also have a lovely new sandwich called ‘super greens’ which I tried yesterday! 🙂

  4. Talia James says:

    I went to loving hut camden the other day they’re not closed! Just closed on Sundays.

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