Waffles and pizza

You gotta give props to The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green. They don’t rest on their east London laurels and are constantly looking for inventive and tasty ways to make hungry vegans like me visit them more often.

And here they go again!

The Gallery Cafe on Old Ford Road

The Gallery Cafe on Old Ford Road

If you enjoy vegan pizza, The Gallery Cafe has got what you need at the end of each week. Their new pizza deal means you can get any pizza with three toppings for just £5 between 4pm and 8pm every Friday. A vegan pizza for a fiver is a bargain, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Pizza not your thing?

How do waffles sound then? The Gallery Cafe has recently invested in a waffle maker and are busy pumping out breakfast waffles for hungry diners. Did I mention the waffle mix is vegan? You can add chocolate sauce, vegan bacon or fresh fruit (50p each in any combination). Go there before midday (slightly later on weekends) if you want to experience vegan breakfast waffles for yourself.

Vegan waffles

Vegan waffles

It is fantastic to see a vegetarian cafe working hard to impress with affordable and inventive takes on vegan food. London needs more of this kind of thing.

Comment below please if you have tried the waffles. I can’t wait to get over there to find out for myself, but am happy to live vicariously through you until that time arrives!

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2 Responses to Waffles and pizza

  1. Oh man I have to go there asap. Pizza & waffles are the two greatest things on earth.

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