World’s best burger

A long time ago, there was a burger like no other. Before central London was torn in half by the Crossrail construction, meat-aversionists would swarm on Soho to feast on this burger. Its status was legendary.

But as the machines moved in to build the rapid transit railway, the fast food outlet serving the burger was forced out by the Government. Maybe you remember it? RedVeg was a paradise of deep fried potato, breaded mushrooms and the tastiest vegan burger patty on the planet.

Not long after the Soho location was shuttered, the Brighton RedVeg location was also forced to shut its doors following dwindling fortunes. I was so in love with their burger, I made a special trip to Brighton on their closing weekend and ate what I thought was to be one of the final RedVeg burgers ever served. See here.

But have I got news for you?!

Ex-RedVeg owner Mark Burrage has taken his business aptitude and applied it to another venture and fortunately for me, he has taken the original RedVeg burger with him, too.

Get on down to Arch Angel on Kensington High Street and marvel at a modern day menu that features the presumed-extinct RedVeg burger. I spoke with Mark today and he told me the old business was such a big part of his life and the burger was so loved, he just couldn’t say goodbye completely.

I ordered the RedVeg burger today and when it hit my taste buds it was like being transported back in time. I was in heaven. The flame grilled flavour is superb and I instantly recalled drunkenly stumbling into the old Dean Street location on many occasions in an attempt to sober up. Happy memories indeed.

I ate this today & was happy

I ate this today & was happy

If you were of a fan of RedVeg, you are going to be beside yourself with delight. The Arch Angel version is every bit as mouthwatering as I remember. Just make sure you tell the staff that you do not want mayo and if you are fussy about shared cooking equipment like I am, they will even cook your burger in a separate pan. Also, I passed on the fries that would normally be served with the burger as they are cooked in shared oil. Hopefully they will come up with a vegan side in the near future.

If you need to find me at all during the next, oh I don’t no… FOREVER, I will be at the Arch Angel asking them to hold the mayo and fries.

11-13 Kensington High Street W8 5NP

11-13 Kensington High Street W8 5NP

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4 Responses to World’s best burger

  1. Dawn says:

    I was in love with the RedVeg breaded mushrooms – so delicious. Wish somewhere would make them again.

  2. looks amazing – do you know what the burger’s made of?
    Also, why don’t they get a jar of vegan mayo?!?!!?!?, maybe they’d pop in some hummus if asked 🙂

  3. Marta Morera says:

    Thanks for your post, I need to go this weekend! :)))

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