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My Vegan Ice Cream Wars feature is only sporadically updated due to the lack of diversity in the UK vegan ice cream market. We need more variety. It is this lack of choice that is forcing me to include gelato in this … Continue reading

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Tempting tofu and tempeh

Do you enjoy cooking with tempeh and tofu? What about taro? Do you use a lot of bean curd skins in your kitchen? If yes is your answer, you will adore this supermarket in central London brimming with ingredients from … Continue reading

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Animal Welfare Party

The European Parliament elections are coming up in 2014 and vegans the world over have the extremely rare opportunity to help London get animal activists elected. The Animal Welfare Party has been formed to bring the issues vegans care about to the … Continue reading

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Damn fine cookbook

Josh is popping in to tell you about a new vegan recipe collection we got our grubby hands on this week. Take it away, Josh… I love Christmas. Actually that’s a complete lie. I bloody hate Christmas and the orgy … Continue reading

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High on a hill

I’m not a physically-adventurous vegan, but I can’t assume the same of all my readers. In that vein, I am pleased to bring you the following information about the Snowdon Vegan Weekender. Between Friday 25th and Sunday 27th July, 2014  you can … Continue reading

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Gluten free Japanese secret supper

So, you are hunting around for a niche dining experience. Think you have seen it all? Think again. Leading London-based secret supper club expert The Vegan Ronin is hosting a special lunch that will have you redefining your understanding of the word … Continue reading

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Cheese and cheese

Following years in the vegan cheese wilderness with little more than Cheezly to keep us alive, vegans in the UK are absolutely swimming in the stuff. A new dairy-free cheese seems to pop up every month. I don’t know where it is all … Continue reading

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