Tasty tasty

You know about London Vegan Drinks taking place in Whole Foods Market Kensington this Thursday, right? No? It takes places on Thursday December 19th, 2013 between 6pm and 10pm. We normally have more than 100 friendly people in the room.

So now you know. Read more about it here.

But there is something you would have no way of knowing and that is the amazing line up of companies coming along to let us sample their vegan products on the night. Check them out:

Vintage Roots with vegan sparkling wines
inSpiral with vegan cakes
Dip Society with vegan dips
CoYo with vegan ice cream
Booja Booja with vegan truffles

Come along to London Vegan Drinks this week for a tasty, social event like no other on the planet!

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Fat. Gay. Vegan. Vegan everything including events, beer, food, PR and travel.
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  1. Nice mention in the Guardian article. Hope you have a great evening, cheers!

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