Eat like an Egyptian

Unless something drastic happens such as a Veggie Grill opening in Soho or a Native Foods Cafe popping up on Regent Street, I will probably never again eat vegan food in another central London location other than Koshari Street.

Koshari Street is what vegan London has been lacking. Affordable, quick and incredibly tasty food to eat on the go. Every single person I know who has eaten there cannot sing its praises loudly enough. It is beyond game changing. It is the best vegan food in central London.

The sign says it all

The sign says it all

Now koshari itself (often written as kushari) is not unknown in these parts but serving a vegan version in a cup in London is novel indeed.

Koshari is an Egyptian dish made from a mixture of pasta, rice and lentils topped with a tomato-based sauce. The Koshari Street version also features garlic sauce, chickpeas, doqqa (spice and nuts ground into a sprinkle) and a tower of delicious fried onions.

Koshari, sauce & chickpeas

Step 1: koshari, sauce & chickpeas

Step 2: garlic oil, doqqa & fried onions

Step 2: garlic oil, doqqa & fried onions

Step 3: eat it!

Step 3: eat it!

You get to be in charge of the heat level of the spices. I have decided to stick with ‘mild’ for a while, but I am hoping to progress onto ‘hot’ or ‘mad’ in the near future.

The restaurant has limited indoor seating but the dish is very handy for strolling around the West End as you savour the flavours. The company website allows you to order in advance for quick pickup or you can even explore their delivery service.

Of course I am open to another food outlet coming along to claim the title of best vegan food in central London. However, with Koshari Street now on the scene I no longer feel the sense of urgency for quality food I once did in the capital.

Koshari Street is not a completely vegan restaurant. They serve a non-vegan wrap and some dairy milk-based desserts. The restaurant is located at 56 St. Martin’s Lane, just a two minute walk from Leicester Square Underground station. They are open until 11pm 6 days a week and closed on Sunday.

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8 Responses to Eat like an Egyptian

  1. fatgayvegan says:

    I think the restaurant is closed between December 25 and January 1st. Only visit during these dates if you want to feel sad.

  2. Harriet says:

    I’ve been to Koshari with two carnivores and both have really enjoyed it. Red hot sauce is not to be feared, it’s not that hot, perfect for those who like a little bit of a kick.

  3. Robert says:

    Thanks for the tip. Enjoyed a hot one yesterday and it’s certainly very tasty.

    The milk pudding was delicious and I cannot see why it cannot be veganized using soy milk for those who want it. It was fragrant and aromatic with orange and rose blossom flavours tempered by slightly tart apricot compote.

  4. Joyatri says:

    Amran and I went there today. We also felt that the hot sauce is not that hot. The combination of carbs and spices makes koshari pretty addictive.

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  7. Maria says:

    I tried this place this evening and was pretty impressed, thanks for the tip – I’ve often walked past it without thinking to look at the menu. I had the hot sauce (the middle option) and it was not that hot.

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