Gluten free Japanese secret supper

So, you are hunting around for a niche dining experience. Think you have seen it all? Think again. Leading London-based secret supper club expert The Vegan Ronin is hosting a special lunch that will have you redefining your understanding of the word exclusive.

Before I explore the actual food component of this limited event, I want to quickly let you know only five people will be able to book a space just in case you want to skip ahead of my ramblings in order to book instantly.


OK. Down to business.

The Vegan Ronin proudly presents a five course gluten-free Japanese lunch. Oh yes!

In an intimate setting, the fortunate and tiny group of diners will be served the following menu:

  • Lotus chips, yuzu spinach salad, seared daikon, ginger-miso aubergine and Japanese potato salad
  • Tofu course: fresh tofu, yuba, agedashi dofu, ganmodoki (Buddhist tofu patty), tofu sesame salad
  • Tempura zaru soba with all the fixings
  • Traditional meal ender of mixed miso soup, rice and fresh pickles.
  • Sesame brittle and daigaku imo (candied sweet potatoes fries)

Make haste and get on over to the booking page. Once you have registered, you will receive notification on how to secure your booking.

  • When: Saturday 25th January, 2014 – 1:00 -4:00 pm
  • Where: Finchley Central, North London
  • Cost: £35 pre-pay donation
  • Drinks: A Japanese aperitif is included – BYOB permitted

See my own personal experience of eating at a Vegan Ronin event.

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