My Vegan Ice Cream Wars feature is only sporadically updated due to the lack of diversity in the UK vegan ice cream market. We need more variety.

It is this lack of choice that is forcing me to include gelato in this category. However, the gelato flavours at Oddono’s Italian ice cream parlours are not going to make it appear as if I have stretched the category too wide.

Oddono’s is a company with half a dozen locations scattered around central London and almost-central London. They make all their vegan and non-vegan desserts on site and you can even peek into the preparation areas at some of the locations to see the magic in action.

Each store always has a few vegan flavours on offer and during my recent trip to the Queensway branch, four luscious fruit varieties were tempting me. I picked the biggest cup on offer and dove into the berry and coconut. Delicious.

I always pile it high

I always pile it high

Vegan flavours

Vegan flavours

The was a listing on their menu for ice cream made with rice milk, however the super friendly server told me I would need to order a batch. I do like the sound of specially ordering a wholesale serving of vegan ice cream. London Vegan Ice Cream Party, anyone?



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3 Responses to Chillin

  1. dropscone says:

    I would love to come to a vegan ice-cream party. Maybe when the weather is a bit warmer though!

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  3. Maria says:

    If you’re ever Crouch End way Riley’s do a great dark chocolate sorbet as well as fruity flavours.

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