New Year’s Cheer

24 hours on, I am still a bit worn out from hosting my vegan New Year’s Eve dinner for 70 people at Saf Restaurant & Bar. It was a lot of hard work, but well worth it. Every single guest looked to be having a fantastic night out.

My pal Luke has kindly offered to stop by and give you his take on the evening. You can follow Luke on Twitter and check out his blog.

Tell us what you thought, Luke.


Finally, the eagerly anticipated New Years Eve vegan dinner event at Saf was upon us. I had big expectations after eating there only 5 weeks earlier and having a superb meal. Well, I was not disappointed.

On arrival was met by the great Sean (aka Fat Gay Vegan) and after being checked in, I helped myself to an elderflower cocktail and got mingling. With 70 people expected the atmosphere was already buzzing and I spotted some friendly faces and some new ones. It wasn’t long until we were sitting down and looking at the fabulous menu in front of us and licking our lips.

The menu consisted of 3 courses with 2 options for each. We started with the cashew cheese platter & the sauerkraut dumplings. They were both delicious and the red fermented cheese was just divine. Accompanied by raw flax seed crackers, it was the perfect accompaniment and start to the meal.

Raw cashew cheese plate

Cashew cheese platter

Sauerkraut dumplings

Sauerkraut dumplings with spicy plum sauce

The two mains were a raw pad Thai (which sounded really nice), however it was up against creamy mustard mash and vegan sausages with onion and mushroom gravy. Sorry, but on a cold winter night their was no competition. I was not disappointed and ate every last bit I could find; no words just exquisite.

Bangers & mash

Creamy mustard mash & sausages with onion & mushroom gravy

Poached pear

Red wine poached pear

Chocolate ganache tart with vanilla ice cream & rum marinated bananas

Chocolate ganache tart with vanilla ice cream & rum marinated bananas

To end we had the choice of a rich chocolate ganache tart and red wine poached pears. We got both desserts and the theme of eating everything presented to us continued.

This was a fantastic journey for our taste buds and an excellent event. Sean was a brilliant host and I am already looking forward to NYE 2014.

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