Don’t hold the cheese

One of the greatest fears for a lot of people looking to make the leap to a vegan lifestyle is the lack of pizza. Surely humans cannot exist without this crucial dish? Fortunately for wannabe vegans, Basilico make it possible for you to be able to consume pizza without hurting anyone.

The giant pizzas at Basilico are legendary. The first time we ordered an 18 inch delight, I squealed with joy. We have been enjoying the cheese-less margherita  on and off for a while now but had somehow overlooked the fact the pizza crafters also make a mouth watering roasted vegetable pizza with vegan cheese. Oh yes.

I apologise if you are hungry. These photos are going to be difficult to view. Put yourself out of your misery and order  an 18 inch vegan vegetarian pizza featuring Veganic grated cheese today. Basilico will even deliver it for you if you are local to one of their eight branches.

18 inches of delight

18 inches of delight

My fat, gay hand fades into insignificance next to this monster

My fat, gay hand fades into insignificance next to this monster

Up close & personal

Up close & personal

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21 Responses to Don’t hold the cheese

  1. Zurandrya says:

    I had a broccoli pizza a long time ago, was my first introduction to non-meat topped pizza, and it was sooooo good!

  2. emma says:

    There`s two places in Stroud in Gloucestershire that do amazing vegan pizza`s with cheese now, so the pizzaless vegan is becoming thing of the past 🙂

  3. Kerry says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Thank you for this tip – I didn’t know such enlightened places existed. I’m off there very soon!!!😁

  4. Surinder says:

    Looks like cockroaches on the toping, does not look good unfortunately. Surinder

  5. Surinder says:

    Sort the toppings out the cockroaches look like they are in a pit of dead cockroaches with worms etc. I am a vegan however that could convert me!

  6. fatgayvegan says:

    It’s a slow night at my place. Internet jousting with a troll hellbent on slandering a vegan pizza. I really should get out for some fresh air!

  7. Surinder says:

    Now that is funny…. Taxi!

  8. “My fat, gay hand fades into insignificance…”, You do make me laugh, Sean :,D

  9. Unfortunately, they won’t deliver to NYC…

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