Around the World with FGV

Four nights in central London. Four visiting chefs. All vegan. This multi-night food event is a celebration of vegan cuisine from all over the globe and something food lovers certainly do not want to miss.

Spread across Friday nights in March 2014, Around the World with FGV is a collaboration between London’s leading vegan event planner and four of the finest vegan cooks in the UK.

Each night will be an intimate affair accommodating only six diners. The menu for each event has been personally created by the visiting chef, who will also handcraft the meal on their corresponding night. The dining experience is to be hosted by Fat Gay Vegan (that’s me!) in his home.

Who is doing the cooking and what are they making? Hold on to your hats!

March 7th, 2014: Caribbean by Adrian of Vegan Peasant SOLD OUT
March 14th, 2014: Brazilian by Vanessa of Essential Vegan SOLD OUT
March 21st, 2014: Japanese by Jhenn of Vegan Ronin SOLD OUT
March 28th, 2014: Thai by Kip of Messy Vegetarian Cook SOLD OUT

The menu for each evening can be found at the bottom of this post.

The cost of attending each event is £30 plus booking fee. The event is BYO as long as your wine or beer is vegan. Please use the contact link on this page if you are unsure.

‘season ticket’ is also available for people wishing to dine at all four of the events. This option is offered at the reduced rate of £100 plus booking fee. This ticket option exists only as long as tickets remain available for all evenings. SOLD OUT

Book now for an amazing global food experience with some of London’s finest food purveyors. SOLD OUT

*Tickets are purchased on a non-returns basis

*Nearest Underground station is High Street Kensington


Caribbean by Vegan Peasant

Starters – toasted nori, thyme & aubergine accaras/cinnamon spiced plantain/ spicy potato & callaloo corn empanadas with Trinidadian coconut chutney & hot Bajan chutney

Salad – chiffonade savoy, daikon & scallion with ginger miso dressing

Main – Christophene ratatouille, cajun sweet potato fries, coconut rice with pigeon peas & avocado aioli

Dessert – candied mango frangipan & piña colada cream

Brazilian by Essential Vegan

Brazilian bar nibbles – a glass of Caipirinha, cheese bread, polenta sticks and cassava sticks

Main – Feijoada with rice, black beans, spring green, oranges, vinaigrette sauce and toasted manioc flour

Dessert – Romeo & Juliet tart – vegan cheese with guava paste tart

Japanese by Vegan Ronin

Green tea

Starter – gomadofu (a savoury sesame dish)

Main – Buddhist “eel”, sweet konnyaku dengaku, grilled daikon, shiso tempura, kombu roll, koyadofu and carrot, miso soup, steamed rice and tsukemono (pickles)

Traditional dessert – ohagi with melon

Thai by Messy Vegetarian Cook

Starters – Miang Takrai (bite sized citrussy lemongrass parcels of minced coriander, aromatic mint, toasted sesame and fresh coconut, served with a tangy sweet dressing in wild pepper leaves) and Laab Hed Tao Hoo (cooked salad of spicy sour minced tofu and mushroom dressed with fresh herbs and lime)

Main – Kanom Jeen (coils of thin noodles served with your choice of coconut based sauce: nam ya (thick and spicy) and/or nam prik (rich and sweet), accompanied by an array of side dishes to include fresh Thai herbs, vegetables, and condiments)

Desserts – Floating Lotus/Bua Loi (sticky rice balls in warm pandan infused sweet coconut milk and sticky rice with caramelised freshly grated coconut)

*Menus subject to change based on ingredient availability or chef temperament

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14 Responses to Around the World with FGV

  1. dropscone says:

    Do you know the times for these events yet, or did I miss them somewhere. Any idea what time they’re likely to finish?

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  3. Laura C. says:

    All I can say is: wish I lived in London.

  4. Anna says:

    I’m trying to buy some tickets but not succeeding – is every night sold out?

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